Online food ordering system project

Order food online from local restaurants. Create an account for college/school use. Not intended for business or commercial purposes.

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Installation Steps(Configuration)

  • Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
  • copy this extracted folder and put this file inside the root directory(for example is htdocs, for wamp is www and for the lamp is var/www/
  • Database Configuration

Open PHPMyAdmin

  • Create a Database of any name. (make sure the connection file database name should be the same)
  • Import database DB.sql(file available inside the package)
  • Open Your browser put inside browser http://localhost/

About this project?

This project is about ordering online food from your local restaurants. Anybody can create an account and order online. you are free to to use this project for college or school purposes. Please note that this project is not made for business or commercial purposes.

Admin Dashboard

To access the admin portal type this in your URL BAR `root/admin/ ` where the root is your root directory

Admin credentials: Username: admin Password: 1234

Technologies Used

  1. PHP
  2. SQL
  4. AJAX

System Requirements

Software : XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone).

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