FoodMob - An Online Multi Restaurant Food Ordering and Delivery System with Contactless QR Code Menu

What is FoodMob? In a sentence, FoodMob is a solution to manage multi-restaurant food orderings and a restaurant management system.

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Please find our demo access and credentials below.

Demo Demo URL :
Login Page URL :

Admin Login Credentials :
Admin Email :
Admin Password : 1234

Restaurant Owner Login Credentials :
Restaurant Owner Email :
Restaurant Owner Password : 1234

Customer Login Credentials :
Customer Email :
Customer Password : 1234

Driver Login Credentials :
Driver Email :
Driver Password : 1234


  • Apache web server for running php
  • PHP version 7
  • Mysql database access, purchase code during installation
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

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